This week's #knowthisfix gets extra sexy. Of course Knowledge of Self is Sexy, but I'm not denying that looking and feeling sexy has many shades. Here are some sexy looks, sounds, travel advice and 'kinky chronicles' to get into:

Erica M Legwear. I'm a big fan of lingerie, and her legwear is among my favorites. A perfect blend of creative and sexy. Check out more of her designs.

Another one of my faves when it comes to adding some bedazzle and bejewel touches to lingerie: Lace by Tanaya

One of my favorite artists to come out in the past few years, Kelela's voice is understated, sensual and cool, and the song production is dope. Even if she's singing about a breakup, it sounds sexy. Her latest EP Hallucinogen can definitely set the mood.

one night stand pic 1.jpg

Vacay Sex: You’re Doing It, So Do It Right. The pal and travel superstar Shannon Washington at Parlour Magazine penned this bit of travel advice. Weighing in on everything from respectability politics to straight nuts and bolts tips on making a decision that's right for you and enjoying yourself safely, this a good read. Here's a snippet, and click here to read on:

Ladies, your body is yours. And you have the right to do with your body whatever you want. You have the right to enjoy yourself, to make yourself happy. And if that means having a one-night stand with a cutie bartender you met in Barcelona after a night of cerveza, dancing and flirting—do it.

I like following CurlBox on Instagram, and on occasion they pose some 'sexy time'-related questions under the theme Kinky Chronicles. The responses are quite entertaining! They haven't done one since August, but the archives are still worth a read, and hopefully they'll bring it back in 2016...