"If you think you’re a failure, you might be a success by standards you have not yet honored.” 

Loved that quote pulled from writer Courtney Martin's TED Talk at last week's annual TED conference. She adds, "the biggest danger is not failing to achieve the American Dream. The biggest danger is achieving a dream that you don’t actually believe in." A lovely reminder of the power of perspective and the stories we subscribe to/ tell ourselves.

Some links below appreciating diverse minds, struggles and perspectives...

Getting to know Katherine G. Johnson, a mathematician behind NASA history
When I read this cool news: Taraji P. Henson to Play Math Genius in New Film 'Hidden Figures', 
I got curious and found this great MAKERS profile on Katherine G. Johnson

Also getting to know Brittany Howard, frontwoman of band Alabama Shakes... 

In an interview with Pharrell on his Beats Radio show OTHERtone"You know, I didn't have lofty ambitions, I was like, how am I gonna make a world that's gonna be just okay that I can live in."

Queer woman of color Park Cannon takes a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives

"Cannon will be one of three openly queer House members"--word up! 

Black History Month Documentary Roundup...loved them all: 
Free stream on PBS.org: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
On SHOtime: Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall 
On Netflix: Misty Copeland's story, A Ballerina's Tale