Two journalists, an entrepreneur, a comedic actress, and a poet--get to know some of the dope, powerful voices I love to follow:

Journalist Jenna Wortham

Jenna Wortham's work for the New York Times Magazine is always a pleasure to read. She presents a mix of tech, culture, art and identity politics through interesting subjects. My favorites so far include Personal (Search) History and her profile on everyone's favorite awkward black girl Issa Rae. And I have her to thank for introducing me to the powerful work of South African artist Zanele Muholi.

Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh is one awesome, smart, and funny gal. She's well-known for her millions on millions viewed YouTube video "Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls" from a few years back, and is now host of MTV News' Decoded, a "1/2 sketch comedy, 1/2 vlog" web series that tackles race and pop culture in funny, thought-provoking ways. 

Hillary Crosley Coker is another awesome, smart, funny lady currently adding her talents to Jezebel as a staff writer. When's she's not writing for Jezebel, she's busy being the Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Parlour Magazine. And from time to time you can catch her as part of MSNBC So Popular! host Janet Mock's "Smart Ass Pop Culture Feminist Clique".

Myliek Teele is the savvy founder and owner of curlBOX subscription box for natural hair products. She's also an amazing source of inspiration and advice. Under the banner #MYtaughtyou, she shares her hard-earned life lessons as an entrepreneur and woman navigating this thing called life. If you're looking for practical tips mixed with motivation, her podcast is it. 

I remember when I first encountered a nayyirah waheed poem via someone's Instagram and it immediately had me hitting the 'Follow' button to hers. Her work is so pure and vulnerable, and pinpoints so many of my own thoughts and feelings. I have her first book, salt., and if you haven't guessed by now, I highly recommend it!

if you deserve
mine will flow from my arms to yours
no effort, no asking.
but, if there is none
you feel wind instead,
that my spirit already
knows that
when you see sweetness
begin harvesting blades in your hands.
— kindness is a form of intelligence by nayyirah waheed