My mission this new year: get to know happiness. Get more comfortable with feeling and expressing it. Embrace that it's ok to be happy. It's ok for me to create that happiness. And it's ok to not have a "reason" (got a new job, in a blissful relationship, etc) to be happy. Happiness can just be, on whatever terms I please.

So whatever your terms are for the year ahead, whatever part(s) of your life you're transforming, whatever new intentions you're setting, may they take flight! 

Enjoy the links below of a few choice options for cultivating a little happiness here and there.

Clear intentions. As 2016 goal tackling gets under way, here are 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Intentions.

The sound of KING. Groove to Hey (Extended Mix) and off their debut album We Are KING, out February 5.

Financial wellness. Check out this quick and super informative read by savvy entrepreneur Myleik Teele: How I Started Saving a TON of Money.


A solo trip for self-care. Treat yo' self to a #TravelFly Solo Weekend this June 9-13 in the U.S. Virgin Islands, hosted by the fly travelistas at Parlour Magazine. 

BONUS: Best of the '2015 Best of's...

Books: I didn't read nearly as much as I wanted to last year, so this visually pleasing Guide to 2015's Great Reads by NPR is a great reference for where to start in 2016.

Music: My go-to playlist for the year's recap on music: Sasha Frere-Jones' Best Songs of 2015 Spotify PlaylistVery nicely mixed and crossing all genres. I always discover at least a couple new artists to get into. A perfect 'press play' for the workday.