Creativity + The Art of 'Me'

Creativity's been on my mind a lot lately. Thinking about the kind of life I want to sculpt and craft and [insert your art metaphor here]. Thinking about what new facets of myself I want to get to know. Breathe some life into my full self, not just what I've known and what I'm used to, or what other people are used to from me. Start with a blank canvas in some ways. See what I come up with, or what suppressed dreams or talents re-emerge.

If there's anything bubbling up for you these days... An abandoned talent or wish, or a newly inspired curiosity about what your life would feel like/look like/sound like if you... may you create a space, however big or small, to explore it. Weekly linkage below of some choice artists for inspiration!

I read with one of my favorite musicians Esperanza Spalding (above) on her upcoming album where she's taking a risk to depart from the traditional jazz she's known for, and assuming an alter ego, Emily, who came to her in a dream at a time when she was in somewhat of a creative rut. I love this excerpt on the inspiration behind her next move:

I think there’s a point where you make a decision [even] if you’re not sure how it’s going to go. You’re not sure if people are going to laugh at you or if this is going to be dumb, or if it’s going to be great, or once you get it if you’d really want it. I think there’s a point where you have to say “Fuck it. I want to do this. I have to do this. It’s the truth right now.”

If you want to be yourself, or if you want to feel like your whole self, you have to do it, whether it’s dressing a certain way or having your hair a certain way, of changing jobs, or telling your lover that you got to go, or to pursue a career in nursing. You know when it’s that important. You know when it’s that important to you.
— Esperanza Spalding on Elle.com
Artwork by Helen Green

Artwork by Helen Green

Salute to and RIP David Bowiea king of altering egos--his + ours. Loved his gender/genre/time + space-bending artistry. These clips from an unaired 60 Minutes interview in 2003 are some cool insight into how he saw his art + work.

Source: linairisviktor.com

Source: linairisviktor.com


Artist + subject Lina Iris Viktor's work has been inspiring of late, turning the lens + the canvas on herselfI recommend both her personal Instagram + her curated Instagram lvxix featuring artists' work with mini histories.

Source: Ted.com

Source: Ted.com

Playwright + performer Sarah Jones talks about her upcoming show 'Sell/Buy/Date' that explores the complex politics of sex work through her one-woman cast of global characters. Check out a sneak peek via her TED Talk last year.

I haven't read artist-activist Molly Crabapple's illustrated memoir Drawing Blood yet, but after hearing her interview on NPR, and seeing some friends share their enjoyment, it's now on my reading list. 

Oh and...

If you're dealing with a case of the "shoulds" a lot like I've been, this Tiny Buddha piece, When You Don't Know What You Want Anymore, was a comforting read and had some nice prompts.